The interviews and presentations of Susan Swartz as artist, environmental activist, documentary film producer and philanthropist. Includes her work with Godfrey Barker, Anna Hunter, Susan Fisher Sterling, Jane Goodall, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Louie Psihoyos, Andy Abrahams Wilson, William Graham and Jon Huntsman.

Harvard Divinity School Artist-in-Residence Exhibition Opening Reception

Susan Swartz was invited to Harvard University's Divinity School (HDS) in 2005 as a visiting artist-in-residence in recognition for a 35-year career that explored the intersection of faith and art. In addition to working on her own pieces, Swartz spent the time advising students and sharing both individually and in a public presentation her own experience of striving to interpret God's creation.

Her hope is that she encouraged both students and faculty to look at an artistic life as a spiritual path, and to understand more fully the declaration of HDS alumnus, Ralph Waldo Emerson that "art is the path of the creator to his work.

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