Utah Museum of Fine Arts Exhibition - Natural Revelations

Susan Swartz exhibits the 'Natural Revelations' collection at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in Salt Lake City January 11 through April 13, 2008. 

Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Salt Lake City UT
January - April 2008

Susan's first showing of the Natural Revelations collection was in 2008 at the in Salt Lake City. Running from January through April of that year, the solo exhibition opened with a major gala event helmed by then Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, which successfully raised significant funds for the UMFA's exhibition and acquisitions program.

While grounded in the real world of nature, Susan Swartz’s work also connects us to the pure energy and devotion to color that have characterized abstract art from the mid-twentieth century… [She] inspires us as viewers to pause and take stock of our own relationship to the earth, to the divine and to the future generations that will inherit the globe we have inhabited.
— David Dee, UMFA Museum Director