Kimball Art Center Exhibition - Painters of the Wasatch Mountains

A 2013 retrospective exhibit at the Kimball Art Center featuring artists from the Wasatch Mountain School including paintings by Susan Swartz.

Kimball Art Center, Park City, Utah
cuadernosdefilosofia.comSeptember 6 – November 3, 2013

Susan Swartz reconnected with her fellow painters of the Wasatch Mountain School for a retrospective exhibit at Park City’s in the fall of 2013. Often compared to the primarily 19th century in New England, the Wasatch Mountain School painters are stylistically diverse group of artists all connected by their revered depictions of Utah’s distinctive . Unlike their East Coast cohorts, however, the Wasatch Mountain School lives on today through contemporary artists like Susan.

Visitors saw Susan’s well-known Soldier Hollow, which she created in her official role as the first ever Olympic Environmental Artist for the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City. The 60x60 painting depicts — before it became the site of the Olympic biathlon, cross-country and Nordic competitions — nestled in the below the iconic profile of Mount Timpanogos.

The exhibition highlighted the evolution of contemporary Wasatch Mountain School painters since the publication of the 2005 collector’s book, Painters of the Wasatch Mountains. Perhaps no artist’s evolution over the past decade has been as pronounced as Susan’s. In addition to Soldier Hollow, the Kimball chose to exhibit one of her newest paintings, the 72x72 Purple Majesty II, demonstrating her artistic journey from a literal depiction of the Wasatch, to a more abstract and interpretive rendition.