Honors and Awards

The honors and awards received by artist Susan Swartz including 2005 Artist-in-Resident at Harvard Divinity School, official 2002 SLC Olympic Winter Games Environmental Artist,  and 2001 Utah Governor's Mansion Award.

2008 IPPY Award Recipient

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A comprehensive collection of the most representative works of Susan Swartz, Natural Revelations was published in 2008 and went on to win the Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY) for best regional non-fiction book. The annual competition drew 3,000 entries with over 600 in the regional category. 

Paired with select poems or relevant quotes from renowned writers, Swartz's evocative landscape paintings bring to life the weighty silence and charged beauty of the natural world. The 106-page, four-color book opens with an essay from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Dr. Robert Coles and concludes with an essay from famed naturalist, Dr. Jane Goodall. Sandwiched between these lofty writings is an unwritten plea — one implored through fervent brushstrokes and impassioned swipes of the palette knife — to preserve the world's divine wildness for our children and grandchildren. 

Called "a prayer for future generations", Natural Revelations is an enduring work of some of Swartz's most iconic paintings.