Press articles, magazine and program covers, and exhibition posters of artist Susan Swartz.

The Collegiate Church Augments Art In the newly renovated church, a new bridge between faith and mod- ern art begins

Salzburger Nachrichten May 2014

cuadernosdefilosofia.comSalzburg -- Thursday night in the Salzburg University Church: Just as voices are amplified in this space, so the strength of the paintings of U.S. art activ- ist Susan Swartz is magnified drastically. What could be labeled as contrasting styles, become one – abstract paintings combined with Baroque architecture. These colorful compositions inspired by nature take on the massive construction of the church brilliantly. In addition, the art emphasizes detail in Fischer von Erlach’s architecture - such as the impact of the wall socket, so easily absorbing these large-scale images as a collection.